Besenzoni, a world leader in the design and manufacture of boat accessories, has a unique product range: front guard panel, scaffold bridges, table pedestals, winches, hydraulic and electric captain seat and state-of-the-art automatic sliding system durables. Having been the driving force of tradition and innovation for 40 years, this company has successfully combined the care and aesthetics of design with intensive research and development.

Besenzoni is a valuable reference point in the service of ship owners worldwide through the Customer Service Department. There are 166 operational assistance units, each of which is carefully selected and has the appropriate certified trained technical personnel. Safety and advanced technology are perfectly combined in all Besenzoni products.

All products have been carefully tested to meet the relevant standards. The safety parameters related to the calculation of the structures are strictly met and guaranteed by the RINA standards that control the commercial ship sector. Innovation and technology are the backbone of the company’s success. They not only guarantee their customers a solution even in the most urgent cases, but also contribute to the creation of new industry standards that have been recognized and adopted by the market they are in.

What makes Besenzoni perhaps the most well-known brand is its operational flexibility. The company offers a wide range of boat products, as well as series products, as well as customers’ own design or tailor-made products for them. In fact, the company is also a close partner of several important international shipyards and contributes to private yacht engineering by designing and producing special technological solutions to meet any needs that may arise.

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