Yacht Electric

Yacht Electric

To ensure the safety of your boats and yachts, you should regularly check the electrical components and provide professional solutions to your existing problems. Even if minor malfunctions related to electrical systems are tried to be repaired by the yacht owners, the main thing is to leave the repairs to the expert hands. The spare parts and repair systems of each boat or yacht vary depending on the year of manufacture, the parts used and the equipment on it. In the future, a wrong application can have much bigger, irreparable results. Especially with the increase in the number and use of electronic circuits, the importance of maintenance and repair of electrical systems has increased. Almost everyone knows that electricity will not neglect.

Troubleshooting Electrical System Malfunctions

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the electrical system will be batteries. Energy is the most important need on the sea. In order to produce the required energy correctly, an appropriate battery must be selected. Considering that the source of all energy is based on the same system, it becomes clear how important it is for the batteries to be maintained regularly after the purchase. Batteries selected under the capacity will not provide sufficient energy generation can cause problems during navigation. Batteries that are not fixed well enough are also a problem. Installation is just as important as battery selection.

When we say the electrical system, of course, it is necessary to mention some other devices besides batteries. Inverters, one of the most important parts of electrical components, can be described in simple terms as energy frequency regulating devices. If the inverter used is not correctly selected or fails during operation, it will not regulate the current and damage may occur. More importantly, the operation of vital equipment can stop directly. Inverters are commonly used tools.

The most important detail in the electrical systems of boats and yachts are cables. It is important that the cables to be used for electrical installation should be suitable for the marine conditions and be selected in such a way that they can handle the electrical load they carry. Choose from specially manufactured cables so that the cables do not corrode and cause electrical contact. In addition, the cable entry areas must be specified in such a way as to prevent corrosion of the cables.

Of course, the details are not limited to electricity. Fuses and electrical panels are the most important part of this system. It is possible to control the electrical systems of the vehicle from the electrical panels. If the panel failure is not solved properly, it may cause malfunctions in both daily use products and vehicles used for navigation. When the term electrical system is mentioned, it is not possible to consider the parts independently of each other. Efficient operation of electricity, which is of great importance even in offshore life, has a greater importance at sea.

Professional Solution in Service

Aslan Yacht, which has been serving with confidence for many years for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems, is aware of the importance of producing professional solutions. Enjoying the sea can only be enjoyed when there is no safety defect. An electrical failure during travel or break can cause much more serious problems, starting with the vehicle’s ability to be affected. No one wants to experience this kind of disruption, especially during the cruise. Failure of the boat’s electrical system can mean that problems leading to fire can be experienced. Technical service from the competent people to get service will prevent you from having problems.

The humid structure of the sea and the salty structure of the sea water are the environments that lead to corrosion of cables and electrical systems. Failure to occur in all electrical circuits due to corrosion over time is among the possible situations. Every year regular wear and tear are detected and replaced accordingly. Oxidation is a major problem and, if not avoided, will also result in the failure of vital components. For this reason, firstly, the cable and electrical installation is checked during periodic maintenance.

In the event of a service request, the entire system is thoroughly checked, from the condition of the batteries to the stability of the cables. Apart from periodic maintenance, you can also get help from us in case of sudden breakdowns. As Aslan Yacht, we ensure that all our technical service personnel receive the necessary training on the latest systems and new technologies. Thanks to our expert staff and wide spare parts network, your failures are solved in a short time and parts are replaced. So you can enjoy the technical service provided by an experienced team whether you are at sea or on a break.