Yacht Mechanical

Yacht Mechanical

As Aslan Yacht, we carry out periodic maintenance of hydraulic components such as hydraulic, crane, water treatment, fuel systems and intervene in case of sudden failures with parts change when necessary. If you wish, you can get service from us in your annual maintenance or in case of malfunctions. When mechanical parts are mentioned, systems from the parts that allow the yachts to move to daily use can come to mind. Each of these parts contains parts that need attention. All yacht and boat owners know how important regular maintenance is. Being at sea is the completion of the perception of unlimited freedom, and in order to achieve this perception, it is necessary to have a system that works flawlessly.


Hydraulic Maintenance

Mechanical maintenance of boats starts with the control of hydraulic systems. The science of hydraulics combining water and movement includes parts that directly affect movement. Especially hydraulic rudder systems are included in the movement mechanism of yachts and their maintenance requires detail. Hydraulic devices can also be found in other parts of yachts. Hydraulic mechanisms allow you to finish many tasks with much less effort. Maintenance and repairs are therefore of great importance.


Malfunction Troubleshooting

  • Pasarellas between the mechanical systems are the mechanisms that establish the connection between the boat and the land. They need to be safe because there are mechanisms that move on them. They must be arranged in such a way that they do not allow falls during transitions. Another material that is important for boats and yachts is the adhesive. Adhesives protecting metal parts against sea conditions must be checked regularly every year. Some of the adhesives wear out during their lifetime and become worn out. Non-performing adhesives directly damage the metal parts. Wear adhesives are replaced with necessary parts and the main mechanism is protected. In the same way, dirty and clean water tanks in yachts should be maintained, cleaned and problems that may occur in the discharge installation should be eliminated. If we need to list mechanical systems, we can make a list as follows;
  • Toilets vacuum systems
  • Steering systems
  • Masts, dismantling and installation
  • Hydraulic components
  • Waste water and fresh water tanks
  • Fuel systems
  • Anodes
  • Platforms
  • Crane, windlass, lock mechanisms

All of these systems are checked before the yachts are launched and taken out of the sea. This completes all necessary safety steps at sea. A part that causes problems during operation should be repaired as soon as the symptoms appear. As can be seen, all parts within the scope of mechanical systems must be examined with a professional look at the point of failure and maintenance.


Expert Service Personnel

Sea transport and enjoyment of our country with its connection to the sea is of great importance and it is also one of the stopping points of international trips. Ensuring the safety of marine vessels is bound by national and international rules and standards. As Aslan Yacht, we carry out our service standards within the framework of these rules. In addition, we subject our technical service to the necessary trainings about the products which are combined with the latest technology. You will have the chance to receive service at a point where knowledge and expertise meet.

Each watercraft needs special care. The parts to be selected from the parts to be repaired to the parts to be replaced should be determined according to the model and year of the vehicle. In order to make this determination, it is necessary to have the necessary information. Otherwise, incompatible parts may cause problems both in the area in which they are installed and in general the course of the yachts. The maritime world covers an immense area, there is no security in this area, no security and no efficiency in this area.


Years of Experience

Aslan Yacht takes its experience from years and its knowledge from the principle of continuous improvement. Not only during your periodic maintenance, but also in case of sudden failures, we provide technical service to ensure that you can continue your journey under maximum confidence at every point. We are aware of the dangerous nature of marine vessels that are not properly maintained, both for the occupants and the environment. As the equipment used in yachts becomes more modern, the information needs to be updated. We can easily state that we do not miss the innovations as all of our staff working in our technical team are familiar with the latest technologies. We are always by your side so that you can move peacefully in the long blues ahead of you and enjoy every moment you spend. You can get support from us in solving all your problems related to mechanical systems.