Feel the Difference…

Zipwake “dynamic trim control system”, with its advanced technology and fast moving interceptors, provides an economical solution to all known trim problems of sliding and semi-sliding boats.

When the boat is accelerating, turning or cruising, Zipwake automatically improves onboard performance, comfort and safety while saving fuel consumption.
Main Features

  For speedboats between 20-60 ft
Reduction in fuel consumption
Performance improvement
5-10 times faster than conventional trim flaps
Easy montage
Why Buy Zipwake? Here are 5 Reasons
Comfort and Safety
Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous trim problems and roll.
Performance and Fuel Economy
Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
Easy and Precise Control
Innovative 3D control with unrivaled control of trim and roll.
Durable and Effective
Durable and high-speed interceptors provide the best lifting force.
Complete and Competitive
It is an economical system with its modular design, superior quality and simple installation, where all the necessary parts are included in the package.