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Yacht Electric

Yacht Electric To ensure the safety of your boats and yachts, you should regularly check the electrical components and provide professional solutions to your existing problems. Even if minor malfunctions related to electrical systems are tried to be repaired by the yacht owners, the main thing is to leave the repairs to the expert hands.

Hydraulic Maintenance

Mechanical maintenance of boats starts with the control of hydraulic systems. The science of hydraulics combining water and movement includes parts that directly affect movement. Especially hydraulic rudder systems are included in the movement mechanism of yachts and their maintenance requires detail. Hydraulic devices can also be found in other parts of yachts. Hydraulic mechanisms

Other Mechanical Works

Pasarellas between the mechanical systems are the mechanisms that establish the connection between the boat and the land. They need to be safe because there are mechanisms that move on them. They must be arranged in such a way that they do not allow falls during transitions. Another material that is important for boats and

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Latest News

23 Jul. 2019

TECNOINOX Bunu Paylaş TECNOINOX IS THE UNDISPUTED LEADER IN THE SECTOR OF QUALITY ACCESSORIES FOR LUXURY PLEASURE YACHTS Brainchild of the father of the current owners, the company was founded to provide the nautical sector with quality artisan experience acquired in processing steel for the building industry, and since the eighties has successfully evolved, rapidly

23 Jul. 2019

Lopolight is a manufacturer of LED Navigation Lights for boats, yachts and ships. Lopolight Aps has developed a unique portfolio of navigation lights based on innovative use of LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). Compared to normal incandescent navigation lights the Lopolight products are extremely tough, have a very long service life (50.000 hours) and consume approximately

27 Mar. 2019

Feel the Difference… Zipwake “dynamic trim control system”, with its advanced technology and fast moving interceptors, provides an economical solution to all known trim problems of sliding and semi-sliding boats. When the boat is accelerating, turning or cruising, Zipwake automatically improves onboard performance, comfort and safety while saving fuel consumption. Main Features   For speedboats


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