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Brainchild of the father of the current owners, the company was founded to provide the nautical sector with quality artisan experience acquired in processing steel for the building industry, and since the eighties has successfully evolved, rapidly achieving an important position on the market.

The most prestigious shipyards, the crowning achievement of “made in Italy” products throughout the world, have for some time worked in synergy with the Seriate-based company, where they evidently find the necessary qualities of precision, reliability in respecting delivery times and, most importantly, highly technological components, because the technological aspect of tecnoinox products is fundamental in explaining the success of the company.

The choice of material – only AISI 316 stainless steel – the development of production phases, the choice of machinery and the excellent qualifications of the workers are the tools through which superior quality is achieved. The capacity to work in harmony with the technical offices of customers’ shipyards and the ability to correctly interpret their needs and desires are the bases without which it would have been extremely difficult to achieve and above all consolidate such significant results.
Another important aspect of the production philosophy of tecnoinox is the way in which, from the very beginning, the organisation of work has been planned: a mentality that is perfectly balanced between superior craftsmanship and industrial vision, able to make the most of the positive aspects of both.

The various work phases are divided into medium-small units, headed by a manager with vast experience. In this way an optimal work environment is created in which specific knowledge in a particular field is supported by the sharing of general production principles.
In other words, employees are always aware of the importance that their work segment holds within the complex mechanism that leads to quality.

It is precisely this search for high quality, together with a working method that is positioned halfway between industrial and artisan, which has been the catalyst that has enabled the company to grow over the years without fearing competition and achieve an excellent market position.
An important concept in the philosophy, inherited from the father, on which the current owners have founded their company, is that of seeing the person at the centre of production, whether this is effectively linked to the manual ability of the operator, still very present at tecnoinox, or whether assisted by sophisticated CNC machinery. The exemplary doctrine left by the founder, of respect and valorisation of people, remains the guiding principle for the choices made by his son and daughter who, although they have introduced new technology and media for designing and production, today guide the company while maintaining their father’s ideology. Younger workers receive meticulous training which, over a period of about two years, ensures they learn techniques and know-how acquired over time from older workers in a continuous process of transfer of skills and knowledge.

Manual skills are constantly handed down, together with the principles of respect for the work performed and valorisation of human capital and all that hands, magnificent and perfect tools without equal, can and are able to create. The same passion is found in relationships with the customer, which, as already mentioned, is an extremely important aspect.
When the idea behind a product comes from the customer, it is compared with the point of view of the manufacturer and assisted by technical experience. Since this relationship is based on mutual respect (and tecnoinox has earned respect by its achievements), the results cannot be anything but excellent. Evident proof that this method works is the high level of customer loyalty towards the company, whose portfolio contains very few occasional customers.
Tecnoinox has designed some of the most interesting windscreens ever made from an aesthetic, functional and technological viewpoint.

The pièce de résistance of production, in terms of qualitative and engineering features, are its curved automatic sliding doors, designed and produced exclusively for the sector and for nautical use, and the result of a slow evolution, created and studied over time.

The latest line of portholes was developed as a result of customers’ requests. They are obviously constructed to the same high standards as the other products, with the same high technological content (the details of the opening and locking mechanisms are proof of this) and innovative appearance, aimed at “refreshing” designs currently available on the market, which have remained unchanged for some time. These portholes are just another piece in the overall picture which has transformed a small family-run company into a sound industrial business, always with passion, professionalism and equilibrium.


Lopolight is a manufacturer of LED Navigation Lights for boats, yachts and ships.

Lopolight Aps has developed a unique portfolio of navigation lights based on innovative use of LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). Compared to normal incandescent navigation lights the Lopolight products are extremely tough, have a very long service life (50.000 hours) and consume approximately 80% less power – in addition they are compact and elegant.

Lopolight navigation lights are constructed strictly according to the IMO standards, and are type-approved by DMA (Denmark); MCA (UK); RINA (I); USCG (USA) and BSH (Ger). The navigation lights are a result of several years of focused development, resulting in a full complement of navigation lights for all vessel sizes. In July 2009 Lopolight received the latest type approval in the form of the M.E.D. ‘Wheelmark’ certificate – this certificate shows 69 different navigation lights!


Feel the Difference…

Zipwake “dynamic trim control system”, with its advanced technology and fast moving interceptors, provides an economical solution to all known trim problems of sliding and semi-sliding boats.

When the boat is accelerating, turning or cruising, Zipwake automatically improves onboard performance, comfort and safety while saving fuel consumption.
Main Features

  For speedboats between 20-60 ft
Reduction in fuel consumption
Performance improvement
5-10 times faster than conventional trim flaps
Easy montage
Why Buy Zipwake? Here are 5 Reasons
Comfort and Safety
Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous trim problems and roll.
Performance and Fuel Economy
Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
Easy and Precise Control
Innovative 3D control with unrivaled control of trim and roll.
Durable and Effective
Durable and high-speed interceptors provide the best lifting force.
Complete and Competitive
It is an economical system with its modular design, superior quality and simple installation, where all the necessary parts are included in the package.


Victron Energy products include sine wave inverters, sine wave inverters / chargers, battery chargers, DC / DC converters, transfer switches, battery displays and other products. Victron Energy has a strong, unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, durability and production quality. Victron Energy products are widely accepted as the professional choice for independent electrical power.


Seakeeper continues to maintain its innovative and pioneering identity in the sector with new models introduced.

Seakeeper, who has designed the best balancers ever made, completely changes the yachting concept. In less than 10 years, Seakeeper has become the leader of the active gyroscopic balancing industry.

Industry leader Seakeeper is now presenting the new 3DC, 5, 9, 16, 26, 35 models. These new models are much more powerful and smaller than the previous models.

Seakeeper gyro has been assembled on more than 1700 boats, including the models produced by all leading boat brands in the yacht market. Many yacht companies offer Seakeeper gyro as a standard feature on their boats to provide more comfort and safety to their customers.

Seakeeper has always been focused on forward-looking growth and has expanded its range of boat models for gyro installation thanks to its new models 3DC, 5, 9, 16, 26, 35. Thanks to these new models, all boats with a minimum length of 30 ft have the chance to reach Seakeeper comfort and safety.

The Seakeeper 3DC and 5 are designed to balance boats up to 20 tons in weight or 30-50 ft in length. The Seakeeper 9 can balance boats up to 35 tons in weight or in the 50-65 ft length range. The Seakeeper 16 can balance boats up to 70 tons or 65-80 ft. The Seakeeper 26 is enough to balance boats up to 100 tonnes or 80-100 ft, while the Seakeeper 35 is designed to stabilize boats up to 140 tons or 100 ft or more. It is possible to mount multiple Seakeeper products for much larger boats.

All Seakeeper models can consume %70 to %90 of your boat’s yaw by consuming very little electrical power. These versatile and versatile gyros do not have any extensions on the outside of your boat, but they are also placed at any suitable point outside the center line of your boat, providing great ease of installation. Vacuum technologies and computer-controlled structures make them the first practical and user-friendly gyros for Seakeeper gyros, yachts and commercial boats.

Seakeeper’s 5 new models are more powerful and smaller than their predecessors, but they are much more affordable. Seakeeper’s new models cost between $ 29,900 and $ 194,900.


Idromar reverse osmosis desalinator is Italy’s leading watermaker brand. These units start at 65 l / h and can be manufactured according to any demanding need. Idromar watermakers boast particularly quiet features, full stainless construction, simple electromechanical controls and simple yet robust system design that will keep them running even in unfavorable conditions.


For over 30 years, C.E.M. Elettromeccanica S.r.l. manufactures motors and 12/24 V DC electric pumps that are widely used in the maritime industry. Our steady growth in national and international markets combined with our growing experience has enabled us to expand our range of qualified new pumps, both DC and AC electric pumps, motors and turbo sets. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of our products, we are able to provide the best performance and long life even in sea water applicators. All C.E.M. products comply with the latest CE directives.


Besenzoni, a world leader in the design and manufacture of boat accessories, has a unique product range: front guard panel, scaffold bridges, table pedestals, winches, hydraulic and electric captain seat and state-of-the-art automatic sliding system durables. Having been the driving force of tradition and innovation for 40 years, this company has successfully combined the care and aesthetics of design with intensive research and development.

Besenzoni is a valuable reference point in the service of ship owners worldwide through the Customer Service Department. There are 166 operational assistance units, each of which is carefully selected and has the appropriate certified trained technical personnel. Safety and advanced technology are perfectly combined in all Besenzoni products.

All products have been carefully tested to meet the relevant standards. The safety parameters related to the calculation of the structures are strictly met and guaranteed by the RINA standards that control the commercial ship sector. Innovation and technology are the backbone of the company’s success. They not only guarantee their customers a solution even in the most urgent cases, but also contribute to the creation of new industry standards that have been recognized and adopted by the market they are in.

What makes Besenzoni perhaps the most well-known brand is its operational flexibility. The company offers a wide range of boat products, as well as series products, as well as customers’ own design or tailor-made products for them. In fact, the company is also a close partner of several important international shipyards and contributes to private yacht engineering by designing and producing special technological solutions to meet any needs that may arise.